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Here at Taurus Real Estate we’re proud of our track record, delivering exceptional returns for our investors, and year on year business growth.  However, there’s more to our service than return on investment: our first priority is to create positive, longstanding investor relations.

This approach starts with our commitment to delivering the most user-friendly property investment tools available in order to streamline your experience as an investor.


Investor relations: an investment strategy to match your lifestyle

We tailor our services around your changing needs, delivering an investment strategy to match your lifestyle. Based on your goals and circumstances, we balance a diversified portfolio of property investment from income generating property lettings, with investment in high return development projects.

We do all of the work for you, from finding the initial opportunity, through to refurbishing and managing the property. In return for your trust in us, we offer you the time and freedom to enjoy the things you love most.

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Investment Profiles


Capital Investment

Invest a lump sum, starting from £10,000, with the company over a fixed period of time, from 1 to 5 years.  Earn a yield on a percentage basis paid annually.  Minimum commitment is 12 months with a 90-day notice period.


Equity Investment

Invest a lump sum, starting at £25,000, into our investment structured Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).  You will become a shareholder of the SPV company which has direct ownership of investment property in the UK. Commitment is 5 years fixed with a dividend paid annually, performance linked. Target interest rate range is between 10 and 15% pa. At 5 years investors will receive their original sum plus the gain in share value.


Your capital is at risk.  Investments may increase or decrease in value.  


Why invest in Bath?


 Architecture, arts and culture

Bath is a beautiful Roman city that maintains much of its historic charm, drawing in not only the tourists but also the residents as the city offers a perfect balance between city and country.

The city itself has a UNESCO World Heritage title for its historic architecture and beauty, boasting the only natural hot spring in the UK. Bath displays some of the most notable 18th century architecture, such as the Royal Crescent and the Circus.  

In addition to its architecture, Bath was home to Jane Austin as well as a number of other writers, artists and poets; which still hold a significance in the city today.

Period homes in a historic city

As a result of restrictive planning policies and the geography of the city, Bath has seen little large-scale expansion over the years; which has been very positive for those existing property owners who have benefitted from above average house price rises.

For many professionals or families looking to relocate from London, Bath is one of the most sought-after locations with a choice of property to suit lifestyle.  Bath offers a choice of great schools for all ages with many parks and leisure activities making it a safe, active and community driven place to live.

Economic growth and high demand

The city has been a haven for property investors for many years; resilient in the downturns, spiralling prices in times of economic growth. The city has a mix of property sectors between student, retirement, professional and family housing needs.  In addition, the tourist industry is a huge economic factor for the thriving city and serves to heighten property values in desirable areas within walking distance of the city.

Bath is currently undergoing significant regeneration along the riverside, with over £1bn of government and private funding to build more residential, commercial and retail units.  In addition, the Bath railway line which is direct to London Paddington is in the process of being upgraded to electric, reducing travel time to just over one hour.

Student housing

Bath accommodates thousands of students in the city who study at one of the two Universities.  Student housing is in short supply with a range of housing options from HMO to purpose-built student units being erected by developers in recent years to address this shortage.

Tourism in Bath

Bath is a beautiful and vibrant city which attracts  large numbers of tourists.  Popular for couples and families getting away for a weekend seeking to stay in self-catered accommodation or one of Bath’s spa hotels. The city also accommodates huge numbers of foreign tourists.

Bath guesthouses and self-catered accommodation achieve an average of 87% occupancy across the year, nearly double the UK average.  The city is highly desirable for property owners seeking to let their homes out during the peak season. 

Independent shopping

Bath boats a lively shopping district with a proud community of independent shops which is a significant draw for the city.  Not only does this apply to retail shops but also to Bath’s cafes, delis and restaurants which offer an excellent experience for foodies enjoying the city, with a large emphasis on locally-sourced produce.

Quality Design

Our reputation is built on the quality and contemporary design of our developments.  This is at the heart of our investment management success.

Market Knowledge

Our investors work with us because they know we deliver.  We use careful analysis as well as an in depth understanding of the Bath residential property market

BUilding the future

We are constantly identifying new opportunities for our investors. Our acquisitions and developments focus on established markets and growth areas.

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